VNC Viewer Remote Connection

VNC Viewer Remote Connection

If you lose SSH access, you will never be able to access your VPS server. So, you will need to access the console via VNC viewer or via visual interface from the hosting company.

a. Download VNC Viewer (UltrVNC)

1. Download VNC Viewer client (UltraVNC) from this URL: Then, click on the latest release marked below in red rectangular.

Download Latest UltraVNC Viewer Release

2. You will have two versions to download, for 64-bit operating system and 32-bit operating system. Therefore, you need to check your windows version (system type) by following the instructions here: Check Windows Version. After that, download the appropriate version by clicking on Download button.

Choose Operating System Version

3. You will need to wait for few seconds (less than 10 seconds) until you see I accept the above conditions option, tick the checkbox. Then, click on Download button as below:

Accept Conditions to Download

When the download is complete, the Windows will show you a warning like below, click on keep and don’t worry, it’s safe.

4. Open the UltraVNC_1_3_41_X86_Setup.exe downloaded file, then you may get security warning as below, click on Run:

Installation Confirm Security Warning

5. Then, you will get a prompt says: Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?

Click on: Yes.

6. Follow the installation wizard, keep everything as default, click on Next.

View Latest Modifications
Select Components to Install
VNC Download Select Additional Tasks

7. Now the installation is ready, click on Install.

VNC Download Ready to Install

You will see the installation progress as below:

VNC Download Progress

8. Here you see the copyright terms, click on Next.

VNC Download Read Copy Right

It’s done here, click on Finish.

VNC Installation Done

b. Login to Server via VNC

When we login via VNC, there will be new password, new IP address and new Port number different from the real ones. We will login via VNC using Contabo server and we will get all these parameters before using them on UltraVNC software.

1. Let’s assign our VNC password, login to Contabo control panel by clicking here:, then go to VPS Control, then hover over Manage, then click on VNC Password

Click on VNC Password

2. Add your new password, it should be exactly 8 characters at least (one upper case, one lower case and one number), then click on Save.

Change VNC Password

3. On the same web page, click on Manage, then VNC Information as below. Notice Disable VNC option (last option in the list), you can disable VNC access later to enhance the security on your server.

Click on VNC Information

You will see the info like below:

View VNC Information

as you see, the VNC IP address is: and the VNC Port number is: 63052, we will use them to login to server via VNC Viewer.

4. Go to UltraVNC program from Program Files list then click on UltraVNC Viewer as below:

Click on UltraVNC Viewer

5. The UltraVNC Viewer will launch and you will be asked to enter the VNC IP and the VNC Port, as you see, we entered them as below then click on Connect:

Enter VNC IP and Port

6. You will be asked to enter the VNC Password that you created earlier, enter it then click on Log On:

Enter VNC Password

7. Enter your server user and password to login as usual, then hit Enter key.

VNC Login to Server Enter Credentials

And here we go, as you see below, we’re there via VNC. You can close the session by typing exit on the console then hitting Enter key, after that click on the X button in red circle.

VNC Login to Server Success