VPS Prof is a project that was founded to help thousands of people to build a full server environment professionally that contains everything needed with full understanding of what they do, they will have their own Independent Email Service, Unlimited WordPress and WooCommerce websites, Security, Real-time Backup subscribers with VPS Prof will save a ton of money because every single VPS may host 100+ of websites on a single server (you will pay €4.99 monthly only) while you need to pay hundred of dollars to do that if you will use shared servers. VPS Prof will enable people to manage their own servers specially the VPS servers without any servers background or knowledge, i.e. anyone follows our tutorials can do it perfectly! We explain everything from scratch with real examples on a real VPS that will be exposed to you completely and the tutorials are supported by many screenshots, copy code feature and the ability to replace the variables with your own variables when you copy the code which makes it so easy for doctors, barbers, construction workers, nurses, teachers, etc. to understand running their own servers that are boosted with everything required to have a successful web work.