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Install WordPress on Ubuntu
Learn how to install WordPress on Ubuntu server. Host unlimited websites for FREE!

Why it’s Important to Learn How to Install WordPress on Ubuntu?

As you know, WordPress became a vital CMS tool for the majority of blogs/websites. When you learn how to install WordPress on Ubuntu, you can host unlimited WordPress websites for free. In this section, we will show you how to install WordPress on Ubuntu from A to Z. That is to say, we will will cover everything related to the process of downloading, installing and managing WordPress.

What Will We Cover?

Before we install the WordPress, we will setup the installation environment. That is to say, we should make sure that all the required components are ready prior to installation.

PHP, Nginx and MariaDB

In the first place, we will install the latest version of PHP, Nginx and MariaDB in case you haven’t installed the iRedMail server. Then, we will learn how to configure Nginx webserver and connect it with PHP.

How to Install WordPress on Ubuntu

Before installing WordPress, we will create new MySQL database for your website. Then, we will download the latest version of WordPress and get it ready for the installation. After that, we we should configure your website DNS records and obtain an SSL certificate which is free of charge. Finally, we will configure Nginx virtual hosts to connect the server with the domain.

Detailed Table of content

  1. Install PHP on Ubuntu – if iRedMail doesn’t exist (7 steps)
  2. Install Nginx on Ubutu – if iRedMail doesn’t exist
    1. Download and Install Nginx (7 steps)
    2. Configure Nginx (3 steps)
    3. Connect Nginx to PHP (7 steps)
  3. Install MariaDB on Ubuntu – if iRedMail doesn’t exist (7 steps)
  4. Install WordPress and WooCommerce from Scratch
  5. Create Site-Base to Clone Sites Faster (coming soon)  
  6. Clone Sites Quickly Using the Site-Base (coming soon)