Build Full Live VPS Environment for Unlimited Web/Email Projects On Ubuntu 20.04 LTS!

Build Your Own Secure Email Server Quickly, Host Unlimited Email Addresses and Websites, Run Real-Time Autopilot Backups By Bash Scripts, Troubleshoot Errors and Many More! This Course is Worth $1,000 But It’s for Only $10 Now, It Will Save You The Hassle of Many Years of Research!

Everything you need will be found here from A to Z. It’s premium unique content! You don’t need to have any Linux background, it’s for all levels including beginners, we will walk you through all the steps to build your own automated secure hosting environment at the lowest cost. You don’t need to pay for every website or email address you host, host unlimited ones in one place!

“Nontraditional Content”

We will show you how to start a new VPS server from scratch for only €4.99 and boost it with everything needed step by step to have a full complete live server. Our guide is straightforward, comprehensive without fluffs. We will cover everything with photos and very detailed steps, you will never feel any hassle managing your VPS environment if you follow our guides. We recommend a very reliable service providers with awesome quick customer support. Our guides work on the cheapest plan (you can have full email server and unlimited websites) but if you want to increase the performance of your VPS, you can purchase a VPS with higher specs. Once you rent your VPS, we will start together the configuration from A to Z, we will go through the following steps.

Step 4: Create Real-time Automated Backup Environment

Step 5: Migration from Server to Server

  1. Migrate the Database
  2. Migrate the Site Files
  3. Easy Migration Email Servers (Inbox, Sent, Draft, etc.)

Step 6: Secure Your Server

  1. Create Secure Ubuntu User
    • Grant Privileges
  2. Secure MariaDB
  3. Firewall Security
  4. Ban/Unban via Fail2Ban

Step 7: Manage Your VPS

  1. Check If the Operation are in Order
  2. Manage Log Files
  3. Updating Your Server

Step 8: Extra Notes & Helpful Commands

  1. Find Errors
  2. WordPress & WooCommerce Notes
  3. Be Careful Not to Do this Mistake

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